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ISTANBUL PROHUNT; The only exhibition of the sector

IstanbulProhunt is the one and only exhibition in Turkey in relation to hunting and outdoor sports. Participants of Istanbul Prohunt come together with the purchasers of all important markets to which products are sold by accessing the top decision makers. Featuring leading international manufacturers,designers and trade visitors, this event offers you unique opportunities to establish contacts and boost your market potential .Istanbul Prohunt provides you with a comprehensive range of services and the conditions you need to focus exclusively on business.


TURKEY; Rapidly growing economy & production quality increase the attraction of the sector

The geography on which Turkey is located has held many important commercial centers since the beginning of written history. Commercial life, which was kneaded with the accumulation of centuries, gained a different dimension recently thanks to wide-scope investments. It ensured a safe position for itself globally. Turkey is one of the five (5) biggest weapon manufacturing centers in global terms and in this sense, it is one of the most important commercial centers. As for defense industry, it presents a good example for developing markets by providing domestic production at a rate of 70%.

TURKEY; acts as a bridge in the strategic world trade

Turkey, serves as a natural bridge between East-West and North-South axes and gives the opportunity of establishing contacts with 1.5 billion customers in Eurasia, Middle East and Africa in an efficient way through relevant costs

ISTANBUL PROHUNT offers you the following opportunities;

Maintaining existing customers and sales

Receiving new orders

Introducing Innovations

Creating export opportunities and increasing the existing ones

Acquiring new customers in short and medium term ( the measurable effects of a fair may vary between six months and four years)

Being acquainted with the innovations of competitors

Comparing the products with the alternatives

Discovering new distribution channels or representatives

Testing intented possible prices and taking the responses

Taking the responses against different product designs and packages

Ensuring prestige

Giving confidence to your customers

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