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Why should you prefer Turkey?

Turkey ranks as the 5th in the world and 3rd in Europe in terms of manufacture and supply of hunting weapons. Turkish guns are famous for their quality and reasonable prices all around the world.

The most important element for the consumers is supply of quality products. In that sense, Turkey is one of the rare countries which combine wide production capacity with fast turnaround times. This is because the products delivered to high markets quickly find a place for themselves in the market.

Compliance with international agreements and specifications is satisfactory.

There is a wide variety of options in terms of material diversity.

There is a tendency towards small-scale works devoted to personal requests.

Thanks to young and trainable population of the country, work force costs are kept on a certain level which creates an advantageous situation compared to other developed countries which may be regarded as competitors. This, in return, provides considerable benefits in terms of prices.

Manufacture is supported by advanced technology.

The industry is experienced enough in international competition with a potential to adapt changes easily.

ISTANBUL PROHUNT : The only exhibition of the industry

Istanbul Prohunt is the only and most important exhibition devoted to hunting and outdoor sports in Turkey. It is a platform with almost 126 participants bringing 500 brands under a single roof on an area of 16,000 m2. It is possible to visit the exposition via easy transportation at central points of the city.

Who should visit?

Importers and Exporters 

Distributors and Wholesalers 

Retailers, Hunting Shops

Military and Police Force


Investors & Global Buyers 

E-Commerce Companies

Media & Associations 

Nature Sport & Hunting Clubs 

Hunting and Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

Istanbul : Where East Meets the West, Where You Meet the Best!

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