Istanbul Prohunt Postponed to 2022

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Dear Exhibitors and Visitors

 In line with the developments in the past weeks and our predictions about the future, we have decided to postpone the 9th International Hunting, Arms and Outdoor Sports Fair, or Istanbul Prohunt as we all know it , for one more year to a date which we will announce soon.

 Since the day it was first held in 2012, Istanbul Prohunt's primary goals are to present a growing and developing fair to the growing and developing Turkish Hunting Guns and Outdoor Sports industry, to make its visitors from many different corners of the world experience the feeling of being a community. As a result of the meetings with the leading companies in the industry and large distributors from both domestic and abroad, these goals cannot be met due to the Covid-19 situation in our country and the travel restrictions imposed by some key target countries. And the realization that a exhibition worthy of the name Istanbul Prohunt cannot be organized under the conditions of July 2021 is the main reason for our postponement of the show.

 As EFEM Fairs family, our main motivation will be the support of our visitors and exhibitors to our event and to be able to offer you a better Istanbul Prohunt in 2022 as well. We will meet once again in a better Istanbul Prohunt at in better times.

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